By Carol Revalee

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happiness Zentagle

It's been a long time since I have done any drawings.  Kept telling myself that I need to get to doing them.  Then, I wonder off doing other things.  I mostly  have spent my time working on Nicotine Anonymous stuff and Pain Management.  I had a trip to the Health Department this morning, time to refill my medications.  I also have been having some major shortness of  breath when I am doing stuff.  I told them about it and they got me scheduled for a stress test.  My EKG and hemoglobin are fine.  I am thinking I could be having some anxiety ...  but really need to rule out heart disease.  I really hate anxiety attacks.  I always feel like a fool when I have them.   Anyway... It will be what it is.  Doing art always helps me relax.  So this is why I need more of it.

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Roxann said...

So sorry you have having medical issues, Carol. Hope they get you straightened out! I love this journal cover! Very creative!