By Carol Revalee

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coffee Cup and Froggy

I did a nice cup of hot coffee Zentangle.  I must have been real cold ... matter of fact, I know I was when I did it.  Ken tries to keep the termostat at 64 degrees.  Great for the electric bill and pretty cold on these old bones of mine.

Today I finished this one.  I felt a little Froggy. 

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Laura (sandytoz) said...

Thanks for becoming one of my newest followers.
Loving zentangles, I've always doodled that way.
I keep our house at 61 degrees, because we just couldn't afford to have big heating bills this winter. Thankfully the winter has mostly been mild and we have plenty of warm clothes to wear, but I'm with you, the cold does make the bones ache.
Love, Laura