By Carol Revalee

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank You Kathy

Below is a sweet little Thank You Card that I made for my boss.  She has been so good to me over that past several years.  As some of you know I have been laid off work because of stress.  I had gotten burned out and it had increased my back and neck pain.  Everything had gotten too much for me.  Also age has not been kind to me.  I have been post back fusion since 1991 and neck fusion since 1996.  Not to mention carpel tunnel surgery 2 years ago.  I also have diabetes which means I also suffer neuropathy in my legs and hands. I can be a painful mess at time.  My husband is also on disability, so I have been the bread winner in the family.  

My boss, has been very supportive in everything she can do..  she is letting come back to work doing care plans one day a week.  She even tried me at my request more hours doing the medication card, but my pain level just zoomed back up.  My husband started getting upset with me for pushing myself.  I was so hoping to get back to work because we can't meet our house payments and soon my unemployment will run out.  I have filed for disability and I waiting to hear back.  Keeping my fingers cross - but even with that it will be challenging.  I have requested a remodification of our loan.. who knows what will happen with that...  not very hopeful on it.

Anyway, Kathy has a great spirit and a kind heart.  Not only with me but with other people that work at the nursing home.  I don't see how she does it but she does.   I have never heard her complained.  I would love to be like her, but I often fall very short.  So here is to you Kathy.. it will be in your mailbox Weds.


Reflections from Granny said...

Very pretty Carol, I"m sure Kathy will so appropriate being appreciated. Hard job for you and her. I hope all good blessings come your way.

Hugs, Lori

Judy Tesla Stark said...

Beautiful work! Great blog. I found you on the Outlawz and now am a follower. Judy

Maria André said...

I am a new follower and found your blog through The Outlawz Follow Me Forum.
You have a nice blog! Gonna enjoy looking back and to follow forward :)


Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

So nice to have good friends & a lovely boss who seems to really care about you, Carol. You made a lovely gift for her & I'm sure she will love it.
I just joined the Outlawz & have become your newest follower. I would love for you to visit my blog Sharrahug’s Sweet Blessings
Have a wonderful day!
Huggies ~