By Carol Revalee

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sorry I have been away for awhile.  I do want to welcome all the newcomers.   The past couple of days have been very busy for me.   I have started working again after being off for 10 months.   I will not be going back full time though.  Not sure if I can tolerate it but I am trying for all the time I can have that keeps my pain level at bay.   I am a chronic pain suffer related due to lower back and neck surgery.  I have had carpal tunnel surgery also and it really isn't a 100 percent but it is a lot better.  My most recent injury is tennis elbow but that is getting better.  Stress will drive my pain level up. 

My first day back to work (Nursing Home) the yearly state survey started!  Yeah Me!  I was only doing paper work that day - I tried to hide as much as possible LOL but it didn't work well.  The next day, one of the nurses called in with a sick baby and I pulled a medication cart and the surveyors wanted to watch me pass out medications -- wonderful.  They felt so sorry for me that one of them hugged me.   I didn't do too bad considering.   Needless to say..  I was feeling stressed on the 3rd day and had to go home because my pain level got bad.    The plan is for me to just do one or two days a week in modified duty working with care plans and fall's investigations.   I also ask to do the evening short shift 7pm-11pm a couple days a week.  Hoping to get at least 30 hours in a week, if I can tolerate it.   They are being really great to me….  we are taking it slow. 

I am so grateful to not be smoking.  I can only imagine the expense that would add with health problems to boot.  I don't have health insurance either.  Today, I will most likely be working on getting my house clean because I have not touched it in 3 days.   My plans for tomorrow is to work on my cards and update my blog.

Carol R


Dana said...

Awww honey!! I'm so sorry you've been dealing with so much! I hope your pain is under control soon and all returns to normal.
Hugs and prayers xx

quiltindiva said...

Carol, sorry to hear about your back pain. I hope you will get better soon. Found you on the Outlawz and became a follower.

Naomi said...

Carol, I hope things start to get easier for you soon! I actually got tendinitis and tennis elbow in both hands from my fingertips and all the way up my arms and shoulders and up my neck (mostly on the right because I'm right handed but, I have it on both sides)...So, I sort of know how you feel. I have been off work as well and it's really hard to not do things even if I know it'll aggravate my I was very ambitious and cleaned both showers the same day as well as a bunch of other right arm is aching really badly now but, what do you do, it needs to be done...Anyway, I found you at The Outlawz and am your newest follower! Look forward to reading your future posts!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Hi Carol. God bless you as you try to ease yourself back into the work force. I too suffer with chronic pain and I know it is no picnic.

I found you through The Outlawz Follow Me forum and I am now following you. I hope you will join me on my blog, Tickell Expressions.

Blessings of healing to you,

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